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Contract Assembly

Our focus on Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost provides an efficient primary or sub-assembly process for NIS clients. With the use of these principles we can ensure our customers the following:

  • Affordable as well as value desired for the finished products
  • Waste elimination, a key part of the lean manufacturing process
  • Continuous improvement after the sale and in future projects
  • Quality controls assuring your products to be completed with your goals in mind
NIS is a service provider of electro-mechanical assemblies, with complete testing capabilities which include, but are not limited to: power supply, fully electronic verification, photocell, fastener testing, harness continuity , RPM, Overlay functionality, control board functionality, motor functionality, ground, casket integrity, PSI integrity. NIS provides full engineering, test system design and build, along with procurement and quality support for complete turnkey production assembly solutions. NIS is ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

We exceed 35,000 separate assemblies per day. In addition NIS delivers these units in a synchronized just-in-time delivery method to ensure that the end customer receives the right part at the right time for increased efficiency to their operations and with minimal inventory to the end user.